Sunday, December 9, 2007


Well, the winter season has fallen upon the farm early this year. Last Saturday the snow started to come down softly and it was so pretty. Tuesday we got a typical PEI Nor'easter which gave Derek and I our first official storm day on the farm. The power went out around 10:30 am and was out until 12:30am Wednesday morning. Thankfully we had our wood stove pumping out the heat because it was chilly. There were thousands of Islanders without power all week, it was a bad storm for Maritime Electric. We shoveled ourselves out Wednesday morning and Saturday we got the tractor started and Derek was able to clean out the driveway
Now that the weather has calmed down the horses are enjoying rolling, running and playing in the soft snow. We did have one causality of the poor weather, one of the spruce trees behind the wood shed fell down landing just on the corner of the building, Derek was actually getting firewood when it fell down, good thing it fell where it did!!!