Monday, March 2, 2009

Where to start

So, again I've been a terrible blogger. My main excuse is a lack of a digital camera but in reality I've just not made it a priority. Since the last time I blogged there has been some interesting developments here at the farm. We found out two weeks ago that we are not only expecting one baby in July but two babies. When I heard the word twins I was shocked!!! It was not something that had even registered slightly in my mind about being a possibility. I should have because there are a lot of twins in our family but I guess the news of being pregnant and planning for that and the farm was all my mind could handle, two babies was not something I had even considered. So now we are trying to plan not only for the CSA and market season but for hiring a new employee, making sure we have two of everything for when the babies arrive and just trying to come to terms that I will not be as available for working on the farm as I thought I would be. Luckily Derek is able to take 9 months paternity leave from work which is fantastic. So, that is our latest news.

We have our growing room all set up in the living room which makes the rest of the house rather cramped for a few months. Hopefully our greenhouse will be set up this summer so the house is not needed as much next year. We will be starting onions this week along with parsley and peppers shortly after.