Thursday, May 21, 2009

Action Shots

Good old tiller

My workhorse!!!

Another windy day today but it was warm and the soil dried up nicely. I could not get the rototiller to work so I had to wait for Derek to get home. Of course he just pulled the cord and it started, I blame it on the babies. Don't want to pull too hard of course. I always had a hard time getting it started so I really should not use them as an excuse. We got another 6 beds planted this evening after supper. Speaking of supper it was really yummy. Salad and hamburgers. Ground beef mixed with ground pork both from farmers at the Summerside Market. But I digress. Back to the planting. We planted two beds of parsnips, a bed of dill and cilantro, and three beds of beets. Tomorrow we are going to finish planting the potatoes and start transplanting leeks, onions and Brassica greens. I'm excited!!! Yippie for progress. Here are a few action shots from my work this evening.

Off I go with the tiller to work up some soil

Notice all the safety gear, ear protectors and steel toed boots

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Public Speaking = Scarry

Last night I spoke about our CSA farm at the farm centre in Charlottetown. I had all kinds of time to prepare and of course I left it to the last minute. Well not the last minute exactly but I did find myself in front of the computer all day yesterday making a slide presentation and trying to remember back to college days for proper words/page and proper fonts etc. I'm just glad its over!!! But it went really well. There was around 20 people there and lots of questions were asked. Becky Townsend from Fortune Organics also spoke about her CSA farm which was really interesting.

Public speaking = scarry!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Progress

Lettuce mix seeds in the hopper ready to be direct seeded

Green onion transplants, almost ready to be planted, notice the big belly in the way

Organic compost finally arrives

Healthy broccoli transplant

The last two weeks have been quite good in terms of planting seeds and getting things done. Our compost we purchased arrived last Wednesday evening from New Brunswick and Derek spent the next few evenings spreading it with our tiny manure spreader and on Friday he was able to work it all in and the ground is now ready for planting!!! All I have to do now is use the rototiller to make finished beds before I plant. All the beds have been made.

Beds all made, now ready to be planted

Last week I seeded 5 beds of carrots, 5 beds of peas, 1 bed of radish, 1 bed of spinach, 1 bed of lettuce mix and Derek and I planted 12 rows of potatoes after the market on Saturday.

Early carrot variety, Nelson
There are still 18 rows of potatoes left to put in but its been raining steady since Sunday afternoon so it looks like the end of the week will be when we're able to get back at the planting. Our early varieties, Red Norland and Superiors, have been planted now to get the Kennebeck, Penta and Gold Rush in.

Potato sets ready to be planted, Red Norland

When the soil dries up I will be transplanting turnip, broccoli, leeks, bulb onions, mizuna, swiss chard, kale and green onions.

Mixture of seedlings reaching for the sun

All of the tomatoes have been potted on now to either a 3" pot or a tray size of 36 cells or 50 cells. I started tomatoes a lot later this year and I'm afraid they are pretty small and it may not have been a very good decision. Time will tell. I put the transplants out in the shed a lot earlier this year and I think some benefited and some not so much. The peppers are quite on the small side this year but the Asian greens and Brassicas look really healthy.

Soon to be transplanted, when the soil finally dries up

Monday, May 11, 2009

Small Farm Canada

Today in the mail arrived Small Farm Canada Magazine. Its a great little magazine that focuses on small farm related issues throughout Canada. I had been contacted last fall about doing an interview in regards to our CSA program. It seems I've finally made it into the magazine, the biggest surprise was my picture being included on the front page. The online article is a little bit different but have a read if you've got a few minutes. The article talks about operating a CSA from four different Canada farmer perspectives. Happy Reading!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Jen & Whitey

New strawberry growth

Greenhouse work

Campbell brothers all working together, thanks guys!!!

Getting ready to plant the first bed!! Spinach & Lettuce mix

And the first bed is planted.

Well the first day of May has arrived. Its chilly and damp but a little bit of rain will be good to give all my newly planted seeds a drink. The greenhouse is still under construction but its coming along. We got some manure delivered yesterday which will be spread on the hay field and our compost from New Brunswick should be coming any day now. I was able to plant three beds so far 1.5 spinach and 1.5 lettuce mix. The seedlings are growing well and the shed is pretty much full. I have another full round of seeding to do on Monday and I'm not sure where I'll find the space.

Onions growing well in the shed

Truck almost empty

Pure Gold - Cattle manure

A proud farmer girl overlooking the new manure pile

Derek and I posing in front of new manure pile

My big belly is also progressing along quite well. Getting very hard to bend over and it sure was awkward trying to get up into the tractor yesterday. I'll need a step stool soon.

Belly shot 29 weeks. Two babies sure take up a lot of room!!