Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow

We have a lot of snow around the farm and it seems that every few days we get another dumping. We had some very nasty weather with high winds and blowing snow last week but we had a nice day thrown in there so the boys and I enjoyed playing in the snow during the sunny and relatively warm afternoon. Today is another storm day for the school kids.

My order of potting soil arrived last week but the tractor trailer was unable to get up the driveway as it was too slippy so our friends Gary & Kelly Hughes came with their truck to unload at the end of the road and then unload here in the yard. We are truck-less at the moment as we sold ours a few weeks ago and we are on the hunt for an extended cab which is proving to be difficult to find. We get our organic potting soil from Jolly Farmer in New Brunswick and sevearl growers usually try and coordinate the order to get a bit of a better deal. My main seed orders have arrived and I spent way to many hours checking and double checking my order sheets to make sure everything arrived. I ordered for a few other people as well which made the double checking a bit more painful.

I've been working at the ski park most evenings and on the weekends and my mind is starting to wander to seeds and the warmth of the spring sun. It won't be long now until the boys front play room will turn into the Campbell's "grow-op" once again. Here are a few pics taken the last few weeks.

Making the walk to the barn to see the horses



"Ben, do you think its ever going to stop snowing?"

The horses fence is now completly buried under the snow drifts and they have to duck their heads very low to even get into the old barn.