Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last blast of winter?

We had a real kicker of a snow storm Monday & Tuesday. We got over 20cm and the wind blew it all around and I think most of it ended up behind our house in the form of a 6 foot snow drift which Derek had to shovel to be able to feed the horses and get firewood from the shed. By late afternoon yesterday the sun was shining and you would never have known that we had gotten hammered again by yet another winter storm. Will this be the last? The long range weather forecast is predicting warm weather with rain so that should help to bring the drift and all the other piles of snow down. Just on Sunday, one day before the snow, we were barbecuing and sitting outside enjoying the spring weather. It did not last for long.

The onions are growing really well. Overall the germination rate was pretty good and i'm happy with their growth so far. I've yet to plant anything else but hopefully I will get some peppers, parsley, shallots and other fine seeds started today.

The twins are growing well according to my doctor. We got to see them on the ultrasound last week and all looked good. 25 weeks down, and who knows how many more. She said the average term for twins was between 34-38 weeks so here's hoping for the 38 week mark!!!