Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome 2011

It's been awhile since I've sat down and put my fingers to the keyboard to write about what's going on here at the farm. It's been a busy couple of weeks with Christmas, New Years, going back to work at the ski park and just general life's craziness. So what is new around the farm? Well, we have alot of snow and the forecast is calling for a lot more!! It's been interesting with Ben and Jake and the new snow fall, at first they were not big fans of it at all but they are starting to actually enjoy it. Jake likes to take random found sticks and use them to dig under the snow and flip it at the kitty cats.

Derek has gotten the doors built for one end of the barn and the other we just boarded in for the winter. We had wanted to get both doors built and installed before Christmas but life got in the way and the horses will be spending the winter in the old barn yet again. They seem quite happy in there hiding from the winter weather snuggled in with the cats.

I have been spending the boys nap time pouring over the latest seed catalogues trying to decide which varieties to grow for the upcoming growing season. It is going quite well and I'm having lots of fun dreaming of all the yummy veggies that I'll be growing this summer. The four companies I'm ordering from include, William Dam Seeds, Veseys, High Mowing Seeds and Johnny's. We have to purchase certified organic seeds as per our certification regulations and in the past we have only been doing a fair job. Our inspector has noted for the past two years that we need to purchase more organic seeds so this is the year. So far so good.

So many different varities of carrots to choose

My daily nap time homework

The 2011 Federation of Agriculture calendars came out this week and we are quite excited to see our faces on the June month. Ben & Jake were only 11 months old at the time and I can't believe how much they have grown since then.

Federation of Agriculture's 2011 "PEI faces of Farming" Calendar

Early morning reading



We are looking forward to the upcoming season and we can't wait to start providing our CSA members with farm fresh organic veggies once again.