Friday, November 11, 2011

Life is busy!!

The CSA wrapped up with a successful last pick-up and it was great to see everyone take home extra veggies to keep their fridges stocked up. We still have a few veggies left in the fields and I'm hoping to have an on-farm u-pick soon for the members who may want to get carrots or beets for winter storage. The carrots are so delicious right now, super sweet. A big thanks to everyone who filled out the CSA survey, what great comments and suggestions. We really appreciate our members and the effort they put into making our program a success.

We have been busy getting the new land prepped at the new farm for next years plantings. Seems like there is never enough time in the day with Derek working full time and with me chasing the monkeys and keeping them entertained but I got the garlic planted this week with help from Kim & Natalie and my Mom who tediously separated cloves. Dad was kind enough to plow the new ground
which was a big help.

Freshly plowed ground

My new soil

Some of the 2500 cloves planted this week before the rain

The view towards Summerside

Natalie working away

Ben & Jake have been enjoying all the trips to the "new house" and I think are starting to feel pretty much at home. We are planning on moving within the next few weeks so hopefully they will still feel the same when we get there!! Just a picture to end off the blog of my sweet little Halloween cutie pies!!