Thursday, May 21, 2009

Action Shots

Good old tiller

My workhorse!!!

Another windy day today but it was warm and the soil dried up nicely. I could not get the rototiller to work so I had to wait for Derek to get home. Of course he just pulled the cord and it started, I blame it on the babies. Don't want to pull too hard of course. I always had a hard time getting it started so I really should not use them as an excuse. We got another 6 beds planted this evening after supper. Speaking of supper it was really yummy. Salad and hamburgers. Ground beef mixed with ground pork both from farmers at the Summerside Market. But I digress. Back to the planting. We planted two beds of parsnips, a bed of dill and cilantro, and three beds of beets. Tomorrow we are going to finish planting the potatoes and start transplanting leeks, onions and Brassica greens. I'm excited!!! Yippie for progress. Here are a few action shots from my work this evening.

Off I go with the tiller to work up some soil

Notice all the safety gear, ear protectors and steel toed boots

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Mark & Sally said...

You are a preggeroo wonder woman!!! Those babies will be used to the sound of the tiller at least! You'll have them running it by next year. :)

Don't ya hate it when 'the man' comes home and in one swift motion fixes the thing you've been cursing at all day? ARgh.