Monday, June 1, 2009

Too relaxed??

I have this feeling that I am way too relaxed so far this season. I usually have several panic attack moments as I realize that I"m behind on planting, the weeds are over taking the plants, not enough moisture, too much moisture, too windy, too buggy, transplants are too small or the transplants are too big, oh i could go on and on. But this year for some reason I'm just taking one day at a time and working with what nature throws at me and not freaking out if I planned to plant lettuce mix and the weather said it was supposed to be fine and it turns out that it rained all day. Derek has taken the last few Friday's off which has helped immensely and our neighbor John has been working with us here and there and that has also been super.

Derek and John planting potatoes, I am hardly able to bend so I just dropped the sets on the top of the hill and the guys did the rest.

Last Monday the Summerside Katimavik group came to the farm for the day and helped to tackle the weedy strawberry patch and they also helped to plant several trays of greens and broccoli that were really needing to get planted. That was awesome!!!

The Summerside Katimavik Work Team!!! Life savers!!!
So maybe that is why I am feeling so relaxed, help really is a wonderful thing.

Now if only I could feel as ready about having these babies as I do about the status of the planting. A friend asked me lately if I was ready for the twins arrival. Well, I thought to myself, I have two cribs, two car seats, a bath tub, little sleepers, diapers and a whole lot of other stuff that I'm not even sure what to do with. Of course I'm ready I thought, then I actually started to think about it and mentally I am really not quite in the baby zone. I've been so focused on getting seedlings in the ground and plans made for the summer for Derek and John to take over that I haven't left much time for thinking about the realities of bringing home two babies and what that will look like. But, for now I"m happy to live in the world of denial and keep focusing on the farm.


Laura-Jane said...

What a roller-coaster you'll be on. Talk about adventure! You'll be great. It'll be crazy, but you'll figure out how to juggle a farm and two babies at once. If anyone can do it, I think you can. When are you actually due?

Jen said...

Hey Laura-Jane. Due date is actually not till July 10th but full term for twins usually is known between 37-38 weeks. So that could mean as little as 2 or 3 weeks. Scarry!!!

Mark & Sally said...

Jen, it wouldn't matter if you were sitting around doing nothing but 'getting ready' for babies (whatever that entails..haha), it's nothing you can prepare for. I learned that the hard way thinking I had it all under control. So just enjoy the time you've got now and look forward to whatever is to come. You'll be amazing. I can't wait!