Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another week of progress

Finished pea trellis

Well another week has pretty much flown by. John and I got quite a bit accomplished this week including trellising the peas, transplanting over 450 tomato plants, transplanting the peppers, celeriac, leaf celery, fennel and turnip and direct seeding beans, seeding more broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce in cell trays and we made new labels for the growing veggies out of cedar shingles. I'm sure I"m forgetting something in there but its been a good week.

Newly made signs - cedar shingles

More signs

John trellising the peas

I had a doctors appointment this week and all is well with the babies. Baby B or "righty" has taken over the lead position and will likely the first to make an appearance. I'm happy to report that I did not make the scale rise anymore this week which is great because the last time I went I had gained 8lb in 2 weeks. The babies are growing between each visit so that's the important thing, or at least that is what the doctor is telling me. 35 weeks gone, only 3 or 4 left according to the doctors predictions. Now to get those squash and cucumber transplants in the ground and get ahold of the weeds that will be abundant after tomorrows rain.

Looking down at my huge belly

Squash transplants soon to be planted, next week I hope. We now just need some heat

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