Monday, June 22, 2009

CBC Summer Series

Today was the kick off story to CBC Island Morning's summer series where our farm will be featured. It is always interesting and nerve wracking to hear your voice on the radio. Karen Mair came to the farm last week to do the initial interview and throughout the summer there will be more stories as they follow the ups and downs of our growing season. I'm assuming that Derek will be doing the next interview as I'll probably have my hands full with our new little farm babies. Countdown to baby time, less than 20 days now, yikes!!!

We had a great Saturday at the farmers market in Summerside. We had several unknown greens including Komatsuna, Mizuna and Tatsoi and that involved a lot of explaining to people what they are and what to do with them, what a great conversation starter.

The long range weather forecast for this week is looking much better than it did yesterday. We do need rain and my fingers are crossed for a nice soft steady 20mils but we also need warm calm sunny days to help the strawberries ripen, to help set in the transplants and to germinate some of the late planted carrot, bean and beet seeds.

The peas are growing very well

A look at the peas and turnip growing under row cover

Stay tuned into CBC radio Island Morning for more stories from the farm.

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The Good Mom Blog said...

Wish I could get my peas to grow as well as yours... mine grow then turn brown... grow than brown... oh well! Can't wait to read about your new farm hands...