Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Tuesday CSA Pickup

Today was our first CSA Tuesday pick up and it was a success. I am always so nervous before the first pick up because you wonder, will people be happy with the selection? Will there be enough produce to fill the baskets? Will every one show up? Below is what was included in the first weeks share of the CSA. We'll see you all again next Tuesday, enjoy your veggies.

1 = Komatsuna
2 = Mizuna
3 = Spinach
4 = Strawberries
5 = Summer Turnip
6 = Arugula
7 = Tatsoi
8 = Chinese Cabbage
9 = Radish
10 = Lettuce Mix


Mary Beth said...

I want one of those baskets!!!

Chris O. said...

A beautiful basket of wonderful, fresh greens! Applause for coaxing such healthy, delicious veggies out of the cool spring soil.

I love how you have labeled them on the blog -- great idea!

I'll be thinking of ways to incorporate those greens into tasty dishes all this week.

Best wishes!

Mark & Sally said...

mmmm....looking deeelish! your berries are the best treat I've had in a loooong time! I'm off to Nb for a few days, so no babies while I'm gone ok?