Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Second CSA Pick-up Tuesday July 7

We had another very successful CSA pick-up at the Charlottetown location today. Thanks to all our wonderful members for their great feedback and commitment to the program. I was impressed that most members had gotten through most of last weeks veggies which is impressive because there were ALOT of greens last week. Check out the photo below for this weeks share basket.

The second week of veggie goodness

1= Joi Choi (a large bok choi)
2= Garlic Scapes, the flowering part of the garlic plant. Excellent chopped and used as you would garlic cloves.
3= Beet Greens, yes those are beet greens even though they are red. So yummy just steamed with salt & pepper and a little bit of butter, yummy. Derek's favorite.
4= Mizuna, simply chop and add to salad or throw into a stir-fry
5= Daikon radish. Similar to regular radishes but a bit more on the spicy side. This is a very popular vegetable in the Japanese culture.
6= Radish, probably the last week for round red radishes, or at least until the fall when the temperatures turn cool again
7= Lettuce mix, baby lettuce greens great on their own!!
8= Strawberries, need I say more. We picked these at 2:30 this afternoon and CSA pick up started at 4. It doesn't get much fresher than that!!!
9= Spinach

This will probably be my last week at the Tuesday pick-up for awhile as these babies are probably not going to wait much longer. I"m still feeling great and am still harvesting, weeding but am not that fond of the copious amounts of black flies that enjoy munching on me. My full term due date is this Friday so we'll see what happens, maybe I'll be able to get one more week in there.

We also had a great CSA pick-up on Saturday at the Summerside Farmers Market. It was fun to see old and new members and have a chat about the veggies included in the basket that week. The market celebrated its first birthday last weekend and what a crowd!! The place was packed. There was children's entertainment, buskers, free pleasant pork hotdogs, free ice cream and strawberries and hourly draws for market money. We were sold out of everything except for one Chinese cabbage by the end of the day. It was a great day.


Mark & Sally said...

Glad to hear the Market's birthday went well, wish I coulda been there. Also, glad to hear I didn't miss the babies' arrival. Every morning I wake up and wonder if today will be the day...Whoohoo!

B said...

Thanks for the link on the side! Posted some pic's today. My poor broccoli...