Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Help in the field

Today we had a wonderful family come to the farm to help us weed some of our more desperate sections. In about an hour we were able to weed three beds of broccoli and cabbage. The pig weed was completely over taking the actual crop and I knew for ages that it needed to be done but there just seemed to be so many other areas first. Those beds were also covered with row covers to protect against the flea beetles so it was rather easy to ignore them. Today the row cover was pulled back and the weeds were eliminated!! Thanks so much Chris and family for taking time to come and help us!!


amberjadis said...

I heard you on CBC radio this morning. What was the tool you said you used for weeding, that you got from Vesseys?

Jen said...

Hi there, sorry to be replying so late, just got home yesterday with the twins. The tool we purchased from Vesey's is called a Grizzly Action Hoe. you can purchase one also from Johnny's Seeds in Main and its called a stirrup hoe. Essential here at the farm.