Friday, May 1, 2009


Jen & Whitey

New strawberry growth

Greenhouse work

Campbell brothers all working together, thanks guys!!!

Getting ready to plant the first bed!! Spinach & Lettuce mix

And the first bed is planted.

Well the first day of May has arrived. Its chilly and damp but a little bit of rain will be good to give all my newly planted seeds a drink. The greenhouse is still under construction but its coming along. We got some manure delivered yesterday which will be spread on the hay field and our compost from New Brunswick should be coming any day now. I was able to plant three beds so far 1.5 spinach and 1.5 lettuce mix. The seedlings are growing well and the shed is pretty much full. I have another full round of seeding to do on Monday and I'm not sure where I'll find the space.

Onions growing well in the shed

Truck almost empty

Pure Gold - Cattle manure

A proud farmer girl overlooking the new manure pile

Derek and I posing in front of new manure pile

My big belly is also progressing along quite well. Getting very hard to bend over and it sure was awkward trying to get up into the tractor yesterday. I'll need a step stool soon.

Belly shot 29 weeks. Two babies sure take up a lot of room!!


Mary Beth said...

Oh yeah - finally belly pics! You look great sis. Your green house will be great - its HUGE!

B said...

you look awesome Jen! I am jealous of your manure pile...

roberto1988 said...

hi, i wonder how long does it take for you to have a good onion transplant from seed.