Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Our ice burdened spruce trees creaking under the weight

We are finally back on-line. The Island experienced a pretty bad ice storm last week which knocked out the power for many of us Islanders. We were lucky as we only lost our power for 60 hours but some homes were without power for 6 days. We had to haul water from my home farm in Summerside for the horses but that only lasted for two days, thankfully. We are lucky as we have a wood stove and were able to keep the house reasonably warm. Our internet was not working until this morning so I wasn't able to post any pictures of the ice damage at the farm.

The morning after the storm the first thing we noticed was that our fence was laying on the ground, we have self insulating plastic fence posts that were not strong enough to hold up against the weight of the ice.
Several posts have snapped in two leaving the fence vulnerable in several areas. Derek and I walked the fence Sunday and there were several areas where the horses could easily have walked right through. We stuck the in the snow as best we could but we now see our fencing needs some improvements. Luckily the horses are not venturing too far from the barn these days so chances are they will not discover the poor fencing situation.

Below are a few shots from around the farm the day after the ice storm

Our poor birch tree, I thought it would snap, but it came back

Ice surrounding a corner post and the wire

Derek showing the ice buildup on the fence wire

Our tractor looked like a "mean machine"

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Mary Beth said...

Good pics. Crappy that your fence fell down. Will you be able to fix it now or have to wait for spring thawing?? I forwarded this on to the ladies at work...they think its crazy!!!