Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Strawberry Planting

We have successfully finished planting over 1250 strawberry plants. Next year there will be strawberries aplenty around the farm. We have four varieties, Kent, Sable, Sea Scape and Annapolis. It was a big project and my back and legs were really feeling the pain yesterday when I finished.

Strawberry plants laid out before being planted

Luckily for me and my back there was much more transplanting to do including the peppers, the remainder of the tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash and the eggplants. Its been a great weather week for transplanting, over cast, low winds and moderate temperatures. After the strong winds last week some of the previously planted transplants are looking a little "stressed" but I'm hoping they will outgrow that.

Newly transplanted hot pepper plant

Many of the vegetables are starting to green up and grow. The early greens including lettuce mix, arugula, mizuna, tatsoi and joi choi are really thriving in the cool temperatures. Once the weather gets hot these crops will bolt and go to seed making them very bitter and inedible. The summer turnip is also doing quite well.

Lovely lettuce mix, yummy

The weather forecast is calling for rain which is welcome news to the newly planted beds of carrots, lettuce mix, arugula, mizuna, zucchini, dill and cilantro. The weeds will also enjoy the drink which means I'll be out with the wheel hoe full force when the soil is dry enough to weed.

Wheel hoe, the best investment ever!!!

a pretty picture of a newly sprouted bean seed

Count down to first farmers market day: 18 days Yippie!!
We can't wait.

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inrepair said...

Can you tell me which brand of wheel hoe you bought? I am considering getting one for my father, but don't know which brand is best. Sounds like you like yours, so...