Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5th CSA Pick-Up

Another Tuesday CSA pick-up has come and gone and what a lovely weather day it was. A few scattered showers, overcast and a swift breeze made for a great harvesting day. The veggies are all doing really well and everything is growing like crazy. The snap peas are almost done and I'll be picking them for the last time for Thursday's pick-up. The green beans are now ready and I just will not have time to pick both veggies.
This weeks pick-up includes:

Carrots - these sweet orange treats keep getting bigger every week. The variety this week is called Napoli and they are awesome. We have been steaming lots of carrots and they don't get much sweeter than Napoli's.

Beets - by far our best beet year ever. I've been quartering or halving them and sticking them in the steamer with potatoes and carrots. When the fork goes through them easily out them come and into my belly, yum

Snap Peas - Enjoy your last feed for this year of snap peas, oh how I will miss the sweet crisp crunch of the snap peas

Lettuce mix/Lettuce head - The large shares have lettuce mix while the small shares have a lettuce head. The current lettuce mix patch is almost done and I am waiting for the next patch to catch up. There might be a few weeks of no lettuce soon but hopefully not for too long.

Onions - We are now harvesting the onions grown from seed. The previous onions were from sets.

Spinach - The large shares have spinach this week and enjoy it as soon it will be gone until the fall weather arrives. These large leaves would be best steamed or sautéed in a stir-fry.

Zucchini/Summer Squash - You may have gotten green or yellow zucchini or papaya pear summer squash in this weeks share. They are nice and small so enjoy in a stir-fry or why not try a foil barbecue package with potatoes, onions, sliced zucchini, butter, salt and pepper.

Potatoes - 3lbs of newly dug superior potatoes, with the dirt still attached. They should be kept in a dark cool place until you are ready to use them and you should poke a few holes in the bags also.

Summer turnip - One of our members mentioned last week that she loves to roast almost all of her veggies including the summer turnip. We have been enjoying it steamed but we hope to try it roasted soon. She sure made it sound super yummy. A simple splash of olive oil, salt and pepper mixed with other farm fresh veggies and into the over to roast.

Rainbow Swiss Chard - Looks like a mix between beet greens and rhubarb. A very pretty addition to your dinner plate. Simply steam as you would spinach.

I snapped this picture last night after the showers. Now if only there was a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. Happy veggie eating!!!


Chez Nous Farms said...

That picture is really cool. I just wanted to let you know that I started following your blog this year and found it very helpful in getting our place up and running! Thanks for all the good information! Shirley from Chez Nous Farms

Becky Page said...

Hi, very inspiring... I have three children 4 years old and under. I hope to start a csa going here when the baby is a little older and it is encouraging to see that I might be able to manage that sooner than I expected. Your boys must be two? So helpful to read your entries and see what you are growing as we try to plan ahead and experiment with different crops so we will know what to grow for boxes when the time comes.
Thanks, Becky (from Carleton County, NB)