Tuesday, October 19, 2010

17th CSA Week

I can't believe next week is the final CSA week. This season has just flown by. I'm going to miss seeing all of our CSA members every week. It's really been my social life which is pretty sad considering I'm only delivering veggies but none the less it really was the highlight of my week. The CSA baskets were a bit on the slim side today but the grab boxes were full so everyone had the chance to fill up on goodies such as winter squash, kale, swiss chard, daikon radish, tomatoes and hot peppers. The large share this week had a small bag of lettuce mix, either spinach or tatsoi, green sweet peppers, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, beets, leeks and onions. We almost had enough of our own carrots for today's pick-up but a few came freshly dug this morning from Hughes Hill Farm in Kelly's Cross. The rest of the carrots for the next week will be coming from their farm. Thanks to Gary & Kelly for their carrot supply!! Many of our members asked why we ran out this year when last year we were over run with carrots at the end of the season. It basically comes down to old seed maybe playing a bit of a part but mainly I used a flame weeder and I think I may have "flamed" a bit too hot causing cooked seeds. I do plan to try the flamer again next season but on a much more of a "trial" bases. Not having carrots in the CSA shares is just a big no no!!!!

The weather today was nice and sunny but by the time it came to wash the vegetables it was darn right cold!! It's that time of year again where the insulated wash gloves return along with toques and down filled vests. I feel very lucky that the majority of harvest days this season have been pretty nice.

Survey Results. We have received back a good number of surveys which is great. I had a pretty big question in which I asked the members to rate each vegetable/herb we grow based on weather they wanted to eat that vegetable every week, often but not every week, only now and then or not at all. I was not surprised at all to see the more common vegetables top the list including carrots, potatoes, lettuce, onions, broccoli, etc.as wanting to be eaten every week but a few things did surprise me including leeks being either only once in a while or not at all. Of course there were the leek fans in there wanting them every week as well. I'm hoping to get a few more surveys back to get more vegetable ratings to be able to plan better for next year. One thing I have noticed and gotten feed back from members is about beets. People say they like them but not every week please. That kind of feedback is very important so that next year I can plan better and not plant as many. That's where the beauty of the grab box comes in, if you don't like beets just leave them behind for a beet lover who may be coming behind you. Thanks to everyone who already filled out the survey last week. Great feedback!!!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the boys. Until next week enjoy your veggies!!!


Ben enjoying his carrot

Going for a drive around the farm

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