Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Progress - Told through pictures

How the barn looked before the work crew arrived (ignore the date, I did not get a chance to actually get a picture before the crew started)

The first picture I was able to get after the boys went for a nap. I could not believe how much they had gotten done already

John & Ronnie measuring for the steel along the front wall

John working on the front wall and Allan and Derek are on the roof just finishing up the front side

Cutting steel, now that was a loud experience.

Ben & Jake were very curious about all the noise at the new barn

Ben & Jake supervising Dad & Ronnie's work.

Chris working on the front wall

Team work

Chris & John

Derek installing the soffit & fascia

Derek & Kenny

The last piece of steel for the roof

Ronnie holding the last piece of steel

The roof is finished

Dad - our hard-working foreman. There is no way we would have gotten as much done without his expert organisational skills. Thanks Dad!!

Derek and Jeremy starting the ridge cap

Finishing up the front side

The front side all completed

Still lots of work to do but having the roof completed is such a relief

Taken Monday morning, looks awesome if I do say so myself

We had a great work day on Saturday. We had 7 people show up to help us put steel on the roof and the front wall. It was beautiful weather, sunny and warm and absolutely no wind. We could not have asked for a better day. Thank you to everyone who came out to help including Dad, Ronnie, John, Chris, Allan, Jeremy & Kenny. Thanks also to Mom for the yummy lunch and for watching the boys.

Here's a few pictures of the boys playing

The boys trying to figure out where the kittens were hiding, it was so nice and warm on Saturday we did not even need coats

The boys enjoying playing in the newly covered barn

The kittens basking in the sun

The boys learning that kittens love to chase strings

Hours of fun with the kitties

Ben & Jake exploring the wood shed

Jake, what a little monkey

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