Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November Farm Update

Welcome to the November Farm Newsletter

We were successfully able to survive the wild and windy weather from the weekend. We managed to get by with practically no damage and were only without power for seven hours which helped us to get caught up with overdue house chores. Activity on the farm has slowed down considerabley and we're enjoying the shift in pace. The only thing actually left in the garden is a bit of lettuce mix that has been hit pretty hard the last week with heavey frosts. What a wonderful fall though, still harvesting lettuce mix into November!!!

Now that we are not spending all of our time harvesting and getting ready for the market we tend to spend a lot of time in the woods exploring and cutting firewood for next season. Our woods is such a peacefull and wonderful place to be. We always find something new everytime we go back, whether it be another logging trail that we haven't been on or a new section with future possibilities of firewood cutting.

Unfortunatly our greenhouse construction has not happenend and it looks like it won't be happening until the spring. Even though the fall was beautiful the windy and wet weather seems to have arrived which makes assembling a much more difficult task. The horse pasture has pretty much stopped growing which means we will have to start feeding hay soon which adds a bit more work into the daily routine but there is nothing like the sound of happy horses munching away in the quiet of the evening.

On an less upbeat note our beloved cat Jazz has not been seen in over a week. We brought her to the farm when we moved in last year from my home farm and she was at home here alomst right away. She is a terrific mouser and has a strictly no messing around attitude. Not like our other cat Lilly who is all about play and getting into trouble. Since Jazz has been gone Lilly has just not been herself. She spends all her time in the hay loft hiding away from the other two wandering cats who have decided to adopt the farm as their home. Derek thinks Jazz decided that the two new cat addtions to the farm were too much and she's heading back to Bedeque where she was the queen. The farm is just not the same without her.
Our missing kitty Jazz

Thanks to all of you who have showed interest in the upcoming 2008 community shared agriculture (CSA) season. We are still working out the kinks and will have more information in the coming months. I am very excited about the 2008 season as I will be taking the plunge into full time farming which will give me more time to devote to expanding the farm business which will include a road side stand, increased farmers market volume and the CSA. Thank you all for being so supportive and giving me those ever valuable encouraging words. It's a scarry thing going into business and losing the security of the weekly paycheck but I'm commited to trying my best to make it a success.

We hope you are all enjoying the cool fall weather. Take care of each other and we'll be intouch in December for another update from the Farm.

Jen & Derek Campbell

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