Monday, November 12, 2007

Start at the Beginning

I started this blog about three weeks ago with the help of my friend Brandy who was visiting us with her husband Dave. There has really been no rhyme or reason to the blog so I thought I should start from the beginning. Derek and I bought our farm in the fall of 2006 after a long and tiring search. We are located in the hills of Brookvale along route 13 which is pretty much central Prince Edward Island. We are in our second year of transition to organic certification and grow a variety of vegetables which we sell at the Summerside Farmers Market, through our newly developed community shared agriculture (CSA) program, at the Village Store in Bedeque and through e-mail requests.

Broccoli ready for harvest - yummy

We have been what you might call "weekend farmers" as we both work full time off the farm. Starting this April 08 I (Jen) will be leaving my job to start farming full time during the spring, summer and fall months. I am very excited about this new journey in my life and I am sure I will have lots of posts to come describing the fun and trials to be had in the life of a full time farmer. I grew up on a farm near Summerside so I have seen first hand the long hours and daily commitment it takes to grow food for others but it'll be a little different now that its me making the bulk of the decisions, of course Derek will help some too : )
Derek and I spending time working in the woods

We have five horses but only three currently live here with us on the farm. Buddy, Marge and Burny are all retired race horses and are living the good life basically being very efficient lawn mowers. JP and Storm are still living at my home farm as we have not yet made enough room for them here on the new farm. Our current barns are not setup for five horses so they will be staying on the home farm until new and better housing arrangements can be made.

Our model "Burny"

We have two cats, Jazz and Lilly and any other strays which often stop in to steal their food. Jazz is an older female is all business and is very focused on hunting mice and stalking birds. Jazz had been gone from the farm for 11 days and we thought she had gone to kitty heaven but last week she returned very skinny but alive!! Lilly is really still a baby in all aspects. She loves to play with rocks, tiny potatoes, strings, butterflies but does not yet seem to have much interest in mice. Jazz is a good teacher but is a little short on patience.

I have lots more to write about but I must get outside and start working on the long list of chores which will not get done without me.

Untill later, keep warm and eat veggies!!

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