Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Eagle Sighting

Yesterday while we were getting our mail from the mailbox we saw something on the side of the road that looked like a big crow with something white attached. We saw the "crow" fly away and it was an Eagle. I have never been that close to one before. Derek and I got the camera and followed it to our neighbours and got as close as we could. It's not the best picture but its as close as we got untill it flew away.

We then saw another eagle flying overhead and both birds were soaring overhead for quite a while. They looked so graceful.

Spring has finally arrived here at the farm. We still have drifts of snow but Derek has been scraping the driveway and its actually starting to dry up. Our greenhouse shed has also started signs of spring. Now that the sun is warming up the shed is starting to get higher in temperature. Today the thermometer said it was 33.5 degrees. Toasty!!! Its still too cold at night to put the seedlings out but in another week or so hopefully it'll be warm enough.

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