Sunday, April 13, 2008

Seedling Status & Snow

Last week was beautiful. Warm weather, not windy, very manageable. Yesterday it snowed all afternoon, it made everything very greasy around here. So much for our semi dry driveway.

Yesterday was another big planting day. I seeded several greens (kale, joi choi, tatsoi, MeiQui Choi, Chinese cabbage), summer turnip, purple Kohlrabi and I transplanted all the pepper seeds that we germinated a week ago in paper towel. We started germinating the pepper seeds in paper towel two years ago as we were finding low germination rates just going strait to the potting soil. A week in moist paper towel and you are planting only seeds that have already germinated. There was 192 pepper plants started yesterday.

The seedlings are all looking well. The broccoli, lettuce and fennel that were planted last week are growing quickly.

1 week old broccoli

1 month old red onion seedlings

1 week old fennel

1 week old lettuce


Mary Beth said...

That sucks that it snowed man!! Crappy...but your plants are looking good.

Jen said...

the snow is all gone now. The long range weather forecast is saying it'll be 17 degrees by Friday, That will be nice.