Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Power of Plastic

This year I am growing my eggplant and basil under plastic. I used old PVC black hose to make small hoops and put old greenhouse plastic over it. Bailer twine is used to tie the plastic down on either side and is tied to cement blocks so the plastic is always tied down very well. It was super easy to make and to my surprise its still standing and in one piece 2 months later. The eggplant are loving the heat!!! I had also planted several eggplant close by but not under plastic to see if there would be a big difference. The size of the eggplant under the plastic is unreal. They are about 3 times bigger then the ones not under plastic.

Eggplant leaf not under the plastic

Eggplant leaf under the plastic

Eggplant flower

The basil are also loving the extreme heat. The little greenhouse is vented on hot days by pushing up the plastic at two of the hoops and using a notched board to prop it up. Too easy. The basil has been growing so fast that I can harvest on Friday for Saturday market and by the following Friday they have grown enough for another harvest. Simply amazing. I have tried to grow in the past years but did not have alot of success. I am so excited that they are doing well. I also direct seeded basil outside two weeks ago but not under plastic. It will be interesting to see how it grows in comparison to the first planting.

Basil under the plastic

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The Traveler said...

This is good to hear! We all look forward to seeing updates as often as possible too.

Can't wait 'til the weekend, with the fresh veggies it brings!