Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunflowers & garden pics

The sunflowers are in full bloom and they sure add a sense of color to the garden landscape. We have been taking a few bouquets of sunflowers to the Summerside Farmers Market on Saturday's. Most of the sunflowers that we grow are to attract bees and birds into the garden. Bees aid in pollinating the squash plants and birds are great at eating insects and pests. We have five different varities growing this year and I love looking at them.
Friends of ours were here on the weekend and took some really cool shots. Thanks for the pictures Ryan & Jody

Super close up shot of lady bug on sunflowers

another close up of lady bug, what a great camera

Barn window

eggplant under plastic, they are really coming along

hot pepper plant

another hot pepper plant and unknown flying insect

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