Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8th CSA Pick-up

Greetings from the farm, its been a busy week as usual but the weather has been great and for some crazy reason the black flies have taken a break from their constant pestering and the boys and I have gotten outside lots the past few days to enjoy strolling around the farm, exploring under new rocks and just plain getting dirty by walking and crawling around in the dirt.

This weeks CSA baskets include a large bunch of rainbow or green swiss chard, carrots, beets, green onion, yellow & red cooking onions, green & yellow beans, garlic, broccoli or cauliflower, bok choi, cucumbers and zucchini. The grab box had some parsley, cilantro, red potatoes and lots of the previously mentioned veggies as well. We also had two large bins of cucumbers and zucchini again for people to enjoy. Today I harvested 115 large slicing cucumbers and 137 zucchini. Needless to say we are being overrun with these veggies. The beans are also doing very well so the large share received both yellow and green, a total of 80lbs of beans was harvested Monday and I'm thinking close to that again will be picked on Thursday. Normally my back would be aching by this time of the season but for some reason I'm not feeling the pain which makes harvest days much more enjoyable.

A very exciting thing to mention is our pole barn is finally taking shape. It's been a work in progress that started officially last fall with the pad prep but winter weather set in and nothing happened until this past week. Since Thursday the holes have been dug, poles erected, strapping on and now we're waiting on the trusses and steel. It's amazing how fast things can happen when everything falls into place. The babies and I have enjoyed strolling over the barn and watching the construction taking place. They are quite happy to sit in their stroller and watch the excitement.

Day #1 - Thursday

Digging the holes - ran into a bit of shale. Took longer than expected to dig the holes but he was finally able to break through it.

And the poles are in - Day #2

Checking out the view of the new barn from the top of the field

The boys supervising Daddy & Grampy as they work on the new barn - Day #3

Getting the strapping on

Farm Fresh Veggies perfect for the steamer!!! Yum.

Ben was very excited to find these tiny red potatoes in the porch. Best new toys ever!!!!

Jake really enjoyed eating them

Checking out the tomato situation with the boys

Me and my boys enjoying the lack of black flies, finally!!!

Jake having fun in the sun

Ben also having fun in the sun

Enjoy your veggies and the wonderful summer sun!!!

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