Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Garden Update - New Pictures

Onions, leeks, beans, broccoli, cauliflower and more beans can be seen from this side glance of the garden

A tiny purple pepper

The last of the four bean plantings

Tiny green pepper on a very small plant

Green beans ready to be picked, any volunteers???

Lots of onions

The garden is growing very well this year. We have a pretty good handle on the weeds and thanks to lots of compost in the spring and a fantastic growing season things are doing very well. All the garlic is harvested and hanging in the loft of the barn to dry for a few weeks.

Garlic drying outside before being bunched

Bunched garlic heading for the barn

All the garlic hanging in the loft

I am on almost daily tomato patrol to search out those delicious sweet treats. A few golden cherry tomatoes here and there and one almost medium sized tomato, oh how I love my tomato sandwich season!!

If all of the tomatoes ripen in the patch its going to be a very big harvest!!

Four rows in total this year for the tomato patch. All staked and mulched, hoping for NO blight in my tomatoes this year.

The first almost ripe medium tomato

Golden Cherry Tomato, by far the best cherry tomato out there!!!

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Mark & Sally said...

Mmmmmm...oh Jen! Everything looks soooo good! What a great year eh!? My green beans got totally out of control on me so I've let the rest go and hope to save some seed. Bah.
Your pepper pictures make the peppers looks huge, and make me jealous as mine are just little weenies (although I picked one for pizza tonite).
I can't believe we haven't seen each other ALL summer! We better remedy that someday soon.