Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moving along

Farm Fresh Family

Things are starting to move a bit quicker here on the farm. CSA registration forms are coming in pretty steady, seedlings are growing like crazy, lots more seeding to do and on Easter Monday we got our first official seeds in the ground. I planted radish, lettuce mix, spinach, carrots and onion sets. I knew there was rain in the forecast so I wanted to get a bit in and Monday was a beautiful day.

Fancy carrot sign

Taking a moment to enjoy the beatiful sunny day, measuring my bed to make sure it really was 350feet

Peace to all

Yesterday started a new round of seeding in the greenhouse shed including broccoli, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, regular cabbage, basil, kohlrabi, kale, turnip, Asian greens and mint. I also finished potting on the eggplants but still have peppers and parsley to go. I start my peppers, tomatoes and eggplant in open trays and then pot on when they reach the first leaf stage. It saves alot of space for the first 3-4 weeks of the plants life.

On an unrelated farm topic I successfully completed my first 5K last Saturday at the Source For Sports 5K Bunny Hop. I've always wanted to learn to jog but never made the time but about 4 weeks ago I laced up my sneakers and made my first attempt. It was not a pretty scene but I quickly became hooked on going further night after night. The first race was quite the experience, there was over 250 people there and they all looked very professional in their racing gear doing all there proper stretches and looking all so serious. I loved every minute of it. My goal was under forty minutes and I came in 32:49. I was very pleased even though I was towards the end of the pack. I quickly realised that the folks there were not messing around, they were there to "race hard". I took it pretty easy and tried to just finish without collapsing in a heap at the end. I hope to be able to participate in a few more this summer, hopefully the farm schedule will allow a few races here and there.

Here's sending good hug vibes to everyone reading this blog!!!!

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George said...

Looks awesome to see fresh tire tracks in soft soil. Way to go on the 5 K.