Monday, April 4, 2011

Potting soil, dirty fingers & smiling faces

Well, we finally got the seedling room set up, bye bye play room, hello grow-op. The boys think its great right now as the room sounds very hollow and they can make a lot of noise with their trucks and tractors, but little do they know that "mean" Mommy will be returning soon growling at them when they touch the tiny seedlings or when they think its fun to have potting soil fights. I'm hoping that they will be nice to my tiny plants but I'm afraid it may be a battle. So far, leeks, onions and shallots have been seeded to be followed later this week by peppers, celery, celariac, parsley, lettuce and eggplants.

Just planted red onions

The Local M.E.A.L event went over really well. I had a great time and I was amazed at how many people showed up. The 20 seconds per slide trick was actually quite pleasing to listen to but it was hard being the presenter. I was glad when it was over but I really did have a great time. The video has been uploaded so if you want to give it a watch here it is A Local M.E.A.L

Work is now all done at the ski park which is a mixed blessing. I really enjoy my winter job and find it a bit sad when that season is over but at the same time I'm happy to be getting back into the farm swing of things which really means trying to catch up on the piles of paper work and the organisational activities such as planting schedules that I've neglected.

I also finally finished up the final touches on our 2011 CSA registration form and got that e-mailed out to our members. I've now got to get organised and start sending off information to all of those on the waiting list. The fun never ends!!!

The boys having fun in our friends greenhouse, it was SOOOO nice in there.

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