Tuesday, October 4, 2011

14th CSA Week

The weather for the next few days sounds down right miserable. Heavy rains, high winds and chilly temperatures all make up for some crazy weather warnings. I sure hope the garden can survive the next few days. We have decided to push back Thursdays CSA pick-up to Friday just to try and avoid harvesting in the nasty weather. I find I have to harvest for about 2-3 hours the day prior to the pick-up and even though I have great rain gear I don't think it will keep me dry in 100km/h winds along with pounding rain they are calling for. I'm just hoping its all calmed down for Friday.

Today turned out to be a pretty nice harvest day weather wise but it also felt like a rushed day. Kim and I just could not seem to get ahead. I had the carrots, potatoes and parsnips harvested and bagged up by last night so we should have had all kinds of time but the greens are very slow going. Our current mixed greens are made up of six different kinds of greens and our wash barrels are not big enough to mix everything up at once so it takes quite a bit of time sorting through them and then spinning them. Then they also need to be weighed and bagged up which also takes quite a bit of time. I never even got a chance to clean up onions for today's shares, sorry to everyone about no onions today. But even though it felt like a rushed day the pick-up went very smoothly. Everyone was there by around 5:45 and I was pulling out of the parking lot at 5:55, excellent. Ben & Jake were giving Derek a bit of a hard time so I went right home to hang out with my little men. They have decided they no longer wish to nap at the baby sitters so they are quite the handful as they are super tired. Luckily they still nap here which is a life saver for getting work done.

Today's large share had carrots, potatoes, parsnips,mixed greens, zucchinis, cucumbers, leeks, garlic, beets and baby turnips. The grab box had spinach, radish, arugula, gourds, parsley, cilantro, dill, winter squash, pie pumpkins and more of the above goodies. I had hoped for a pie pumpkin for everyone but I only had about 10 that were ready. It was great to see the kids get all excited over the gourds!!

Golden and red beets mixed

Baby turnips, great roasted with other veggies, eaten raw or cooked like regular turnips. I like a bit of brown sugar mashed in for extra sweetness.

First parsnip harvest - They are still a bit small but still very tasty. Their flavour will improve with some frost but I'm hoping that won't happen for a few weeks yet!! Great added into soups or with a roast.

Showing off their new hair cuts - big boys now!!

They were quite happy as their blankets and puppy and bunny had just gotten out of the dryer and Mommy let them watch a movie and eat their snacks. Jake still is munching on his carrot we picked on our morning adventure in the garden, silly boys!!

If your looking for a fresh chicken for Thanksgiving Barnyard Organics will be doing a Charlottetown drop off at the Charlottetown mall on Friday Oct 7th from 4-5pm. Certified organic chickens weighing aprox 7-8lbs. $3.50/lb. If you want more details or to touch base with Sally or Mark their e-mail is info@barnyardorganics.ca or check out their face book page
If your in the Summerside area you can pick them up at their farm in Freetown.

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