Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Final CSA Week

It's hard to believe another CSA season is wrapping up this week. I feel truly blessed to have such a great supportive bunch of members, it really feels like I grow food for friends!! I was very surprised & touched today to receive some lovely parting gifts such as flowers, fresh hot biscuits and super cute muffins, which apparently I have to share with the rest of my family : ) I also got to see a super cute baby who's going to grow up to be a real heart breaker, watch out Ben & Jake!!!

This weeks large share had beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, kale, green cabbage and bok choy. The grab bin had Chinese cabbage, mizuna, winter squash and lots of extra carrots, potatoes, beets, turnips, parsnips, kale & garlic.

A new recipe I saw this week that was posted by another farm for parsnip soup. Looks like a great way to use up this weeks final parsnips.
Here is another great recipe that I saw on heart beet organics web site for kale.

I celebrated my 31st birthday this week and what better way to spend the day then harvesting farm fresh veggies. The weather was beautiful, sunny, low winds; just awesome. I also got to spend a small part of my day being filmed by a local film maker who is currently working on a documentary for the National Film Board of Canada about organic farming on PEI. It will be interesting to see the final work of art!!!

Just a few pics of my super thoughtful end of CSA season thank-you treats!!

fresh from the oven, still steamy!!

Two bigger muffins for Derek and I and two smaller ones for Ben & Jake. Mine already had a bite out of it and two minutes later it was gone!!

Beautiful bouquet of flowers given by some very lovely ladies!!

So, what will we be up to now that the CSA is over for another season? We will be in fall clean-up mode trying to get the gardens all finished up and put to bed and getting ready to start on our new farm in the spring. The to do list seems frightfully long but I guess we can just pick away at it one item at a time. I often think a nice mid-day nap is in store but I'm sure my restless spirit will win and out to work I will go!!

Just a few pictures of my little men as we enjoyed a nice sunny day last week exploring around the farm. They are growing up so fast!!

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cindy said...

Yes, it is hard to imagine another season in its final week also. Nice parting gifts. Your vegetables look lovely. The boys are growing so much, I so love the picture of them holding hands.
Happy Birthday! I hope you did something a little special for your birthday during this busy harvest time. Congratulations on being filmed for organic farming, I'll have to watch for the final work also. Take care