Monday, January 9, 2012

Another greenhouse update

Just a quick greenhouse update for all our readers. I unfortunately do not have any pictures as I'm having trouble getting them from Derek's phone to the computer. Derek updated our computer, again, and its giving me grief!!!

Our two big garage doors are set to be installed this week which we are very excited and nervous about. It seems that we may have not paid as much attention as we should have to things being square and level as our man door did not get installed as perfectly as it should have. We thought we did a good job but the man door sticks out about an inch on the bottom left hand side, grrrr. Derek thinks he can fix it, so here hoping. We think everything else is finished including checking for sharp edges, covering the 2X6 posts on the end walls with pieces of plastic and finishing up the last few screws on the end walls. Hopefully once the doors are installed we will be able to put the plastic on. So we are hoping for some really calm days and preferably no snow!!!! I don't think that's alot to ask for in January, do you??

I'm back to work at the ski park which is a nice break but also throws a loop in greenhouse building and garden planning. We haven't had very much snow on the Island so far this season but I would imagine it will start any time. Hopefully it will just wait until the plastic is finished on the greenhouse.

I'll try and post a few pictures as soon as I figure out my computer issues!!!

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