Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2nd CSA Week

What a hot few days it has been here.  Great beach weather but not great harvesting weather when greens are the main thing on the list.  Greens do not like to be harvested in any sort of heat.  They get all wimpy and look less than ideal.  So, that means harvesting as early in the day as possible, getting them cooled as soon as possible and then keeping them cold.  Our "cold storage" situation is less than ideal, two pop coolers which we got at an auction a few years back.  They work perfect but are way too small for the scale we are now producing.  So, the "cold storage" discussion is back on the table which means spending more money!!!  We want to build a wash/pack building which would have a walk in cooler and would also work as a workshop.  It's a pretty big investment and we were hoping to wait for a few years but we're bursting at the seams with our current system so some-thing's got to give. 

Things are growing really well.  We could really use some rain and its looking like we'll be getting some on Thursday which will be awesome.  The carrots have come along way in the past week and another big rain will really give them a boost.  The peas are in full flower and Ben & Jake have been strolling down the rows picking the tiny pods and loving them.  Next week they should be in the boxes which is always exciting.  I'm sure our CSA members will be getting a bit tired of all the greens of the past two weeks.

This weeks large share has lettuce mix, spinach, tatsoi, radish, red and purple top turnips, arugula, cress, green onions, tiny little broccoli heads and baby swiss chard.  The boxes were pretty much filled up but they were very "green".  The grab boxes had lettuce heads, chinese cabbage, bok choy, beets greens, kale and more of the above mentioned veggies.

Green onions



Not very fancy but it does the job.  We really need a proper wash/pack building and a walk in cooler.  It sure would make life so much easier. 

Baby Swiss chard


Jake "working"

Ben loves to "work on the G", he takes good care of that tractor!!   

Sitting pretty!!

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