Tuesday, July 31, 2012

6th CSA Week

Well, it was very HOT today!!!!!!  Forecast said it was 27 and felt like 32.  I know that is not hot in many parts of the world but for this farm girl it was HOT.  And it felt even hotter at the pick-up.  But, thankfully it did cool down this evening and wasn't too bad while I was seeding in the field.  Normally on Tuesday I take my time going home and I've been meeting a friend for ice-cream which has been a nice weekly ritual but this week I was all business and rushed home to get the seeding done before the "rain" that is supposed to come tomorrow.  I'll not hold my breath as I always get excited for the rain and then disappointed when it does not come. 

Being in the field tonight was actually rather relaxing.  It's been a crazy few weeks and the next few won't be any less crazy so being outside seeding with a nice big moon and a beautiful red sunset was really nice.  I was trucking it to get everything seeded before the dark set in (got everything except the lettuce mix) but I did take a few moments to look around and just enjoy the garden and views around me.  It was nice.

So, this weeks baskets are full and a great bang for the buck!!  The full share has beautiful red potatoes perfect for roasting, carrots, green beans, lettuce mix, lettuce head, onions, zucchini, cucumbers (slicing and lemons), beets, 2 large broccoli and cauliflower.  The grab bins had swiss chard, green and purple cabbage, dill, cilantro, basil, baby chard/beet green mixture, and more of the above mentioned veggies.  Members weighed out their own potatoes, carrots and beans which saved so much time here at the farm. 

This was our first week for potatoes and they sure are lovely.  Not overly big but definitely gourmet!!!  We have been disappointed in our potatoes this year, not sure if its lack of fertility or the lack of moisture but we didn't get good top growth and they started to die back last week so we decided to start digging them as they probley won't be growing much anymore.  It took alot of digging last night to get enough for the shares but it was just Derek and I so it was kinda like a date night in the field, so romantic!!  Baby red potatoes are so amazing roasted with olive oil and sea salt.  I can't wait to cook some up tomorrow night for supper!!
Beautiful baby red potatoes

It was a big broccoli harvest today.  I knew there was alot to pick as two plantings were ready at once but I did a rough calculation tonight at pick-up that we harvested around 130-150 heads.  Indeed, that's alot of broccoli. 
This broccoli was over 2lbs!!!
 Some pictures from today and this week around the farm.  Enjoy!!!
This variety is a super star for sure!!  Crispy and beautiful

Cheddar cauliflower, and yes, its supposed to be orange

Onions, finally!!

There were two little cherry tomatoes in a random grab box, I wonder who found them???

Some larger zucchini, perfect for zucchini bread

Lovely beans

Green and yellow zucchini

Lemon cucumbers, these little guys are very popular with kids, you just eat them like an apple

Basil for the grab bin

Basil!! I can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen, its going to be a tomato/basil sandwich party!!

Ripening slowly, but Ben & Jake usually get them first

Leeks are slowly coming along

We have so many plants that are just loaded with nice big clusters

Working with my red tractor, enjoying the view
Spending a very hot afternoon Monday prepping beds for planting
Beds being formed

My little farm hands!!

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