Friday, May 21, 2010

Garden Update

Partial Garden View

Garlic Forest

For the most part things are looking pretty good so far this year. Since we have decided to scale things back a bit we're feeling a lot less stressed than other years. Focusing only on the CSA has given us more focus and we are enjoying a bit less craziness than other years.

My really early plantings are a bit of a write off due to intense weed pressure but that was kinda expected as we worked the ground probably when it was a bit too wet and didn't give the first flush of weeds a chance to germinate and cultivate before planting. I think I can save the lettuce mix and spinach but its going to mean intense hand weeding which is very time consuming, so we'll see. I think the 3 small beds of early carrots might be a no go but only time will tell. The main weed in that area of the garden is corn spurry and it looks an awful lot like a carrot which makes for difficult weeding.

So far in the garden we have:
early carrots, early beets, beet greens, swiss chard, snow and snap peas, lettuce mix, spinach, radish, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, red and green lettuce, tatsoi, garlic, kale, komatsuna, mizuna, potatoes, bunching onions, bulb onions from sets and transplants and leeks.

I did a walk about tonight after the babies went to bed and was very excited to see newly germinated carrots, superior potatoes and the peas look like they are very close to rooting.

Tiny carrot seedlings (the black specs are leftover marine compost from last season)

Most of the other veggies mentioned above are up and looking great. My transplants under the row cover are looking good and hopefully the forcasted frost will not be too hard on them.

Lettuce under cover

Chinese cabbage under cover

Something I did not expect to see was tonight was strawberry blossoms. It seems way too early and still a good chance or several chances of heavy frosts. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the next month or so until the frost season is over!!!

Potato Sprout

Newly germinated lettuce mix


Nick said...

Congrats on those long straight rows in your garden. Do you use a tractor? I'm also now planting on the level / in rows (what's the proper name for this method?) using this wheel hoe for cultivating and weeding. But I can't seem to walk a straight line :-)

Jen said...

Hey Nick, we are using the tractor and rototiller to mark the rows. Derek used clamps on the back of the tiller spaced accordingly to what we're planing. I use to just use the earthway seeder and use the row marker to mark the next row. it worked ok, but I also was not good a walking a straight line. Good luck.