Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Here!!!

The Eco Weeder

Our new eco weeder arrived first thing this morning. Derek stayed home from work this morning to test drive the new machine. I must say it its pretty nifty. We tried it out on a few empty beds and I think with a little adjustment on the tractor this is going to be an awesome piece of machinery.

Checking out the "Eco"

These discs are pto driven, it should do a really good job

The boys enjoying the sunny warm weather, too bad the black flies are out already. They checked out the weeder and give their stamp of approval


Mark & Sally said...

WHEEEHOO!! Amazing machine! You'll be takin out weeds like a madwoman now. Looks great, all shiny and new!!
Those hats on the boys are really sweet too. The bugs are the worst, they love little boy hair lines.

Niju said...

Hey Jen...can you share more info/experience with this new Ecoweeder. Hows it working for you? Do you have hard soils