Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Raining, finally

I was able to get one more bed planted today before the rain started. I planted tatsoi, radish and arugula and just got the bed covered with a row cover before the thunder started and the rain started to fall. It has been so dry here this spring and the rain is a welcome blessing!!! I'm sure the veggies and the weeds will be exploding later on this week.

Yea for rain.


Sheldon Furlong said...

Hi Jen

Do you use cover cloth primarily for pest protection or added warmth? I was wondering if it was effective against flea beetles. They are a curse in my garden!

Yes we needed the rain over here to but yup I can hear the weeds growing!

Bye bye

Jen said...

Hi Sheldon, the row cover is mainly for insect protection, mainly the flea beetles and cabbage loopers. This time of year flea beetles are awful. There was a few beds that did not get row covered in time and now the flea beetles are having a hay day.