Sunday, June 6, 2010

Katimavik strikes again

After working all day and still in good spirits

We had a chance to host the Summerside Katimavik group here on the farm again this year. They came out on Saturday to help Derek do some projects around the farm. They were a great group of young people and they successfully weeded many trouble spots including the arugula, tatsoi, komatsuna, beet greens and a few strawberry rows. They picked up rocks, put compost around the raspberry plants, weeded asparagus, washed CSA totes and cleaned the horse barn. Not bad for a days work. I was gone to the market so I missed out on most of the fun.

When I got home from the market this is what I saw, lots of shoes and a shovel. I should have know ice cream sandwiches would have something to do with it.

Washing CSA totes

Thanks Summerside Katimavik group for all your hard work!!!!

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