Monday, June 7, 2010

Results from the heavy rain

We had a crazy night on the farm with thunder, lightening and heavy rains. I put my head under the pillow and prayed my garden would still be there when I woke up. Upon inspection this morning we did have some washouts and it brings me back to last year when the same thing happened. But the difference this year is this should not have happened or at least I feel it should not have happened. Last year we planted that field for the first time and didn't really take into account the natural slope and planted up and down the field instead of across. We didn't really think it would matter since the slope was gentle and the field was not that big. Well after torrental rains we learned our lesson the hard way, several beds of carrots were washed out and precious topsoil was washed away into our neighbours ditch.

So this year we did a few things different in hopeful expectation the washouts would not return. First off last year we established permanent grassed strips between the garden sections which we thought would catch any sediment that might wash out and slow down the water before it reached the next garden section, well that didn't work, it may have helped a bit but not as well as I had expected.

The permanent grassed strips
We also changed the way we planted the field by making the beds across rather than up and down the field. The good thing about the way the water ran is it only took out or damaged a few feet of several beds instead of 2-3 beds as last year.

In the grand scale of things its not the end of the world but its just frustrating when you think you've learned your lesson and make improvements to ensure it does not happen again. Oh mother nature, would a gentle rain not suffice???

Poor little broccoli plant was almost buried in the mud

The worst of the washout

The plants under the rowcover didn't stand a chance

So, time for a deep breath, relax and move on to the next matter at hand. Has anyone ever heard of a sun dance??? We sure could use some heat soon.

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