Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shop time for Derek = Offset

Our new eco weeder is meant for weeding 1 row between the tractor tires but since our tractor tires are set at 72" centre to centre its a hugh waste of space so you can purchase a piece of equiptment called an offset which will attach to the three point hitch arms and the eco will then be offest to the tractor. The offset will allow you to weed two rows which makes more sense at our current spacing. The main problem with the offset was the $1200 purchase price plus tax and shipping from Quebec, so Derek decided to build one himself.

Lots of measuring before leaving the farm to go buy steel

more measuring

Drilling holes and cutting steel

Finished project, still needs paint and a few finishing touches

See how the Eco is off set from the tractor. To weed two rows we'll drive down the bed once weeding on the right side, then turn around and weed the other side. We're anxious to try it out, as soon as the sun shines and dries out the soil a bit well be out there weeding up a storm.


Mark & Sally said...

Look at that Derek! Not just a pretty face afterall! hehehe.

Brandy said...

nifty! good job derek. I'd like to see how it works!