Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8th CSA Week


We finally had some rain over the weekend, just about an inch and it sure was nice to harvest veggies with mud clinging to my rubber boots, lovely, just lovely!!!

The large share had carrots, potatoes, beets, onions, green onions, lettuce head, cilantro, zucchini, cucumbers, garlic, broccoli and cauliflower.  The grab boxes had tomatoes, kale, swiss chard, basil, parsley, dill, yellow beans, radicchio and more of the above mentioned veggies.  Lots of variety this week again.  The tomatoes are really doing well, its been a fantastic growing season for the heat loving crops like tomatoes and peppers.  I thought I might have a few peppers this week for the grab box but I ran short of time.  Next week for sure!!!

It's a very busy time of year, harvest is in FULL swing and I'm trying my best to keep up, but some veggies like the beans are getting ahead of me.  But, there are only so many hours in the run of a day and when you've got two three year olds running around some times things don't get picked when they should.  I've also got to get myself organized to get fall greens/veggies planted.  I've got lots of greens plus radishes, turnips and more herbs that can be direct seeded any day.  We seem to be invaded with flea beetles this summer so I'll have to cover all the plantings with row covers to try and protect them.  

Here are some pictures from this weeks harvest and CSA pick-up.  Enjoy.

Charlie admiring the purple cauliflower!!  He cracks me up each week, always guessing what the veggies are when I load up their basket.  What a great kid!!!!

Purple cauliflower, there was one in the grab bins but there should be more next week
More yummy treats from some very special CSA members.

Oh so yummy!!

Mouth watering!!  
So many tomatoes this week, awesome!!

Radicchio - not my favourite vegetable but we know some of our members love it so its just in the grab boxes

This weeks grab box tables.  Potatoes were included in the shares but folks had to do the weighing!!

Some shares had regular beets and some had golden beets!!  Both are delicious!!

I decided that we needed a family day on Sunday so we all headed down to Old Home Week early in the morning to take in some of the events.  We saw a draft horse show, walked around the empty midway as it wasn't open yet, saw some very cool reptiles including a crocodile (which the boys thought was super cool), the boys got to sit in a John Deere tractor that had a tv screen hooked up so it looked like they were driving (very cool), and they enjoyed digging potatoes in the activity centre.  They loved seeing all the animals in the 4H section and got a very up-close view of some very large roosters in the bird section. 
Not a good blue tractor but it was pretty fun all the same

Boys just love digging in the dirt, well so does their Mother!!
Finished off a fun morning with an ice cream cone
Ben being too cool for breakfast!!


Ben, my little ham!!
Happy farmers spending some quality time working together!!

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