Tuesday, August 21, 2012

9th CSA Week

Hard to believe but this week marks the half way point for the 2012 CSA season.  Fall is just around the corner which means leeks, winter squash, pumpkins and hopefully lots of yummy tender fall greens.  I've got some serious planting to get done at the end of the week once the ground dries up.  I was quite happy to see all the rain this weekend, veggies are very happy!!!

This weeks large share has carrots, garlic, beets, lettuce mix, onions, green onions, cauliflower, fennel, tomatoes, green peppers, beans, cucumbers & zucchini.  The grab boxes had swiss chard, kale, basil, lemon cucumbers, hot peppers, coloured carrots and more of the above mentioned veggies.  I was in a big rush today trying to get everything harvested, weighed, packed and ready to leave on time but there just was not enough hours in the day today.  My Tuesday crew worked awesome and I'm so lucky to have such great helpers.  My friend Natalie who helped out last summer was home for the weekend so she stopped in today to lend a hand.  Silly me, forgot the potatoes in the basement!!! 

Natalie, she's quite the entertainment!!!  Thanks for the help today lady!! 
Well, today was a bit hectic and I'm done in so this weeks blog is going to be short but there's lots of pictures.  Enjoy!!
Ripe tomatoes, does it really get any better than that???

This weeks pick-up, beans and tomatoes to be weighed out and lots of grab items!!

Oh Laura, your so purdy!!!  Nice green pepper you have there.

Peppers are starting to turn colour!! 

Purple cauliflower

Tomatoes in the greenhouse on right, peppers on left

Fall carrots and parsnips

Ben discovered how to carry extra tomatoes

Cool dude

Pepper plants are loaded this year

Some cherry tomato plants are over eight feet tall

Boys will be boys!!  Loving the dirt. 

Hanging with my happy little boys, we love playing in the dirt!!

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