Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2nd CSA Week

It was so refreshing to see the rain this past weekend.  I'm sure it was a bit of a downer for the concert goers but it was all smiles around here.  Vegetables need about an inch of rain/week for optimal growth so us farmers enjoy a nice day of rain.

But, with rain comes weeds!!  Someone mentioned the other day that they couldn't see a weed anywhere on the farm.  Well drive by today and its like a weed explosion!!  I get a bit anxious seeing all the weeds but once the ground dries up in a day or so we'll turn into weed killing machines.  Our ACG (allis chalmers G) cultivating tractor is able to do the majority of the weeding but there is still lots of hoeing that needs to be done too.  I actual love weeding, not so much the work of it but the before and after.  I do love a nice clean field.  

Our big bad weed killing machine.  Love this tractor and its electric!!

Our newest weeding tool.  It's a lay down cart so we don't have to bend over anymore when doing long stretches of hand weeding.  It's a beautiful thing :)
We spent quite a bit of time this weekend in the greenhouse tending to the tomatoes.  They needed to be pruned and staked and we left it about 2 weeks too late and man did we have our work cut out for us.  We are far from professional greenhouse growers and I think we have ALOT to learn!!  I'm thankful our friends at Heartbeet Organics are growing heirloom tomatoes for us this season and we will focus on the blight resistant varieties.

I have alot of lettuce ready this week and I mean ALOT!!  It would seem I have two plantings ready at once and as always I planted just a wee bit too much.  So if you know of anyone who needs a boat load of lettuce heads just let me know.  Some seriously beautiful lettuce out there!!!


So, what super star veggies are in the box this week you ask??
The large share has: spinach, lettuce mix, beta mix, arugula, red and white turnips, radishes, broccoli, green onions and a lettuce head.  The small share has a lettuce head, green onions, red turnip, broccoli, tatsoi, lettuce mix and beta mix.  The grab boxes were full to the brim with bok choy, chinese cabbage, swiss chard bunches, beet greens, kale, basil transplants, fresh basil and more of the above mentioned veggies. 

Be sure to check out our awesome bloggers when you get a chance. 
They are not big but green onions make such a great addition to salads and my favourite, egg-salad sandwiches!!

Beet greens - just chop off the beet ends, wash really well as they tend to hold alot of dirt and then throw in the steamer.  Butter, salt and pepper and there you go!!

Red Scarlet Turnip.  Beauties

Fresh basil from the greenhouse is ready

Lots of broccoli, not the biggest stuff I ever grew but it sure is early!!
Ruby Red Swiss Chard


Beautiful "beta mix", its a mixture of beet greens and swiss chard.  Tasty tasty tasty!!

I've put the basil in a mini greenhouse in the greenhouse.  It gets crazy hot in there but they are loving it so far!!

And last but not least, the boys and I raided a strawberry patch on the weekend and they were delicious
We hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day Weekend!!

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