Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th CSA Week

4th CSA Week
The truck was full full full this afternoon when I headed to Charlottetown.  So many farm fresh veggies!!

It was a full house!!

Really have to sort this truck situation out.  I need more space!!!!

Yesterday's hot weather was pretty intense so harvesting today felt downright wonderful.  The field is really dry so I'm really hoping we get some good rain very soon.  And I don't mean a "shower", I would like nice gentle rain for a day or two.  That would be lovely.

We celebrated Ben & Jake's 4th birthday over the weekend and enjoyed having friends and family over to party it up under the trees.  It was a lovely day and the boys really enjoyed it being their "special" day. 

Ben & Jake decorated their own cakes.  Interesting concept!! 

Zucchini having a quick bath before being packed in the CSA boxes
All pretty and ready for town

Some pretty patty pan and small zucchini


Turnips.  I decided to only put turnips in the grab box this week, they still went like hot cakes!!

The veggie shack is coming along nicely

I am so going to love working in there!!

I didn't have any empty containers so I put the zucchini in the passenger seat.  Worked great

Early cucumbers.  These little jems are amazing!!!

Some very tasty purplette onions.  Awesome quartered and roasted with other summer veggies
Enjoy this weeks veggies!!!

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