Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3rd CSA Week

So very very glad that the hot weather left and much nicer cooler weather came in its place.  I did a lot of weeding on the weekend and although it was almost unbearable at times those darn old weeds took a real beating and the crops are looking so much better now.  Still lots of weeds out there but seems more manageable now.

We had a giant harvest day today and we still managed to get a whack of transplants in the ground including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, green onions, fennel, basil, swiss chard, lettuce and eggplant.  It's getting pretty late for the eggplant but I'm planning on putting a mini greenhouse over it to hopefully help it along.  I never seem to have much luck with eggplant anyway. 

This weeks large share has lettuce mix, lettuce head, spinach, broccoli, green onions, white and red turnips, chinese cabbage, swiss chard, garlic scapes, kohlrabi, choice between arugula and a spicy mustard mix and cilantro.  The grab box has beet greens, green cabbage, baby beets, bok choy, kale, basil, parsley, summer savoury and more of the above mentioned veggies.  The small share has lettuce mix, spinach, green onions, white turnips, chinese cabbage, swiss chard, garlic scapes and a kohlrabi.  I don't think I could have fit one more lettuce leaf in those large shares this week!!! 

The peas are just about ready and man those plants are loaded with little green gems.  I think its going to be an awesome pea harvest this year.  I was up digging around the carrots and we should have baby carrots next week which is super exciting.  I love baby carrots steamed with new potatoes with butter!!  

Peas were in full flower earlier this week
Here are a few pictures from the weekend and this week so far.  Enjoy those veggies :)

Zucchini just about ready

Peas!!!  Just waiting for them to fill out

We rigged up a new system for rolling up the row covers.  Worked amazing. 
Garlic Scapes
So tasty!!  Lovely mix of tatsoi, purple mizuna and red mustard
Summer Savoury

Kohlrabi getting all purdy!!
Another shot of this weeks large share

My super heroes!!!  Turning four on Saturday!!  Where does the time go.

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