Saturday, May 31, 2008

Asparagus & Perennials

Derek and I finally planted the asparagus. Sixty crowns in all, hardly what you would call commercial size but we'll start with those. It will take three years before the first harvest but it'll be worth the wait. The first asparagus feeding with melted butter and a dash of pepper and salt, can't beat it.

Asparagus crowns

Asparagus planted in rows

Derek planting asparagus (notice the bug coat, black flies are out with a vengeance)

Our organic inspection went really well. We have to work on a few things which include better record keeping but over all she was quite happy with our system. In a few short weeks we should be "certified organic in transition". Next year once we've completed the three years of transition we'll be fully certified organic, how exciting.

Today I planted some purple haze, rainbow and sweetness III carrots. 600 row feet altogether. I sure hope people are going to like the purple carrots because there will be lots of them!!

We also did a perennial dig today at my Grandmothers place. She is moving and has a big flower garden so we dug up all kinds of lily's, hosta's and a variety of other things that I'm hoping were flowers and not weeds. Now where to put them all???

We're exciting some rain tonight and the next few days are looking overcast and drizzly. It will give our newly planted seeds and seedlings a rest from the sun. It will also give me a chance to catch up on some overdue paper work.

Enjoy the rain!!!!


Mary Beth said...

Wish I could have gotten some of those flowers...I'll just have to come and enjoy them at your house!

Jen said...

you should come now and help me plant them, i'm totally not sure where they will go??? funfun

Mary Beth said...

if only I owned and could fly a private jet...I would definately pop over for super and help plant them tomorrow...but I do not. You should put some down by your mailbox, do you have a mail box?