Thursday, May 29, 2008

Planting at last

Well the rain held off for the last two days so that I could finally get some planting done in the garden. I made the most of my time and transplanted all the leeks, onions, celery, celariac, onion sets. I also got lots of direct seeding done including beets, spinach, radish, bunching onions and bulb onions. It is now raining out pretty good so I'm glad I got everything put away before it started. The rototiller is finally up and running and what a difference that makes. Instead of it taking me about 30 minutes to get a bed ready it now takes about 5 minutes. What a difference and no aching back from raking in all the compost.

Our Earthway Seeder, we use this for direct seeding all of our crops

Evening view of newly planted seedlings

Newly planted bulb onions

We are having our first organic inspection tomorrow. The inspector will look at our records, our farm and try and ensure we are following the standards. As this is our first inspection its hard to know what to expect. I think I have all of the paper work filled out but I'm sure there will be something we missed.

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