Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Windy Days & New Toys

The last three days have been incredibly windy. Yesterday I had wool socks, winter hat & coat and I was still cold. Today is a bit better but the wind is still raw. This is my second week home on the farm and I'm finally starting to feel at ease. There are a hundred projects to complete but I try to just take one day at a time and complete things as I can.

This week we purchased two new items to add to our farm "toys". We bought a 1979 Troy built Horse Rototiller and a set of discs. We had been looking at the discs for three or four weeks and thankfully the owner accepted our second offer. They are awesome. We are going to test drive them tonight. The Rototiller needs a bit of TLC and Derek currently has it in several pieces as he is trying to take it apart to fix something in the transmission ( at least I think thats what he's trying to fix).

The greenhouse shed is getting very full. Today I made more potting soil as we had completely run out. Cucumbers, summer squash and pumpkins are on the planting list for today.

Check out photos below of pics of our new discs, hiller project (in progress & completed) and seedlings.

Dad torching a seized bolt.

Completed picture of our hillers.

Our new discs, how awesome

seedlings basking in the sun

yummy lettuce transplants almost ready for planting

new garlic poking up


Mary Beth said...

Send me some of that lettuce when its done eh;) So your 'real' farmers now...with all the toys? Very exciting. I sure don't miss that wind...but I do miss access so your wonderful garden...and cheese. Hehe...

Jen said...

I'm not sure the lettuce would survive the trip. You'll just have to come home and visit me and I'll put you to work : )