Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally, dirty fingers

I finally got some outside seeding done yesterday and it felt great to have dirt under my fingernails once again. I planted onion sets and early carrots and this morning I seeded some lettuce mix and spinach. We planted the onion sets on drills and also on a flat bed and it will be interesting to see if there is any difference. We normally plant everything, besides potatoes, on a flat 3.5ft bed but we thought we would try drills for a few things this year. I covered the lettuce mix with a floating row cover which helps to retain moisture, raise the day time temperature and also helps to protect the tiny plants from cold night time temperatures. The row cover will also protect the lettuce mix from any flying insects which may decided the tender leaves would make a nice light lunch.

Notice the wheel barrow. After shoveling compost for a few minutes the tractor and manure spreader came out.

The peppers and eggplants have been potted on to their own cells in 36 size trays.

3 week old eggplant & peppers, before being potted on

3 week old pepper plants, looking good

Peppers potted on

The plants always look a little beat up after being potted on but by a day after being put into their new home they will start to look vibrant once again.

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Mark & Sally said...

holy smokes, I can't get over those starter plants!!! Beautiful! My one sad little basil leaf that finally showed up is still plugging away, but it looks like some sun might help eh? Jealous!